Looking for a group class or a private class?  We can work around your schedule and come to you. 

To secure your seat in the class, please make sure you have done the following prior to class:

Place a deposit or payment for you seat by clicking the register button for your appropriate class and date.

What do I need to bring?

If you are borrowing a pistol for the class bring a 50 round box of 9mm must be brass American commercial quality. See below for more info on ammo. 

  • Pen and paper or notebook
  • Pistol semi auto or Revolver that is 32 caliber or larger. 
  • If using semi-auto bring at least 2 magazines.  If you dont have 2 magazines see above about borrowing a pistol. 
  • 50 Round box of Ammo must be brass  american commercial quality Examples: Winchester, Federal, Blazer, CCI, Speer, Remington, Fiocchi, Hornandy, PMC, Black Hills, pefecta
  • Ammo NOT allowed: Any reloads, Monarch, Magtech, anything steel cased
  • Eye and Ear protection: If you do not have you may rent/buy at the range.
  • If the weather is going to be hot please dress appropriately and bring water!
  • $10-15 dollars cash for your range fee. Almost all ranges only take cash so have this on hand.


Location: Where?

Alamo Defense teaches at many different locations! To find the location click on the text link next to "Location" for your particular class. (See picture below for visual reference)

In order to get your License To Carry faster:
Register online with the Texas Department of Public safety : Texas DPS LTC Registration Click here

The Texas DPS LTC Registration must be done in order to get your LTC; however, it is optional if you want to do it before the class or after.  To expedite the process, I recommend registering prior to your class.

***Renewal Information: Texas is now not requring any renewal training simply go to the Texas dps LTC link above and renew online! 


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