Advanced Handgun 2: Defensive use & tactics



Advanced Handgun 2: Defensive Pistol Training & Tactics

This course expands on the fundamentals that you learned inHandgun 101.In this class we focus on defensive shooting and tactics.   If you have not had a formal handgun marksmanship training course it’s advised you take the Handgun 101 course prior.This training is not for beginners!



We teach this same course and training to police and military although everything in mind here has be adapted to fit your needs.This dynamic training is quite different from your standard “shooting at the public range”.  We go over many of the things you should be doing if you are being attacked.




This Training consists of a mixture of the topics below:

  • Combat accuracy: This is very different than target shooting.  We explain why and help you determine if you are shooting to fast or to slow for your ability.

  • Balance of speed and precision: Finding this balance can be difficult and we do some drills to help you find what your balance is.

  • Drawing: This is done wrong so often and can be done very dangerous if you have not had a class like this one.  We go over a 5 step process and break it down to one single part at a time to where it is impossible to get wrong.  We start off allowing you to do this supervised, with no ammo at slow speeds by the end of the class you will be at your top speed, accuracy and most importantly safe draw from your holster.

  • Position, Extend Touch Press: If you do this correctly with a good position you will be much faster on lining up your first shot which in many cases determines the different between the winner or loser of a gun fight.

  • Multiple shot theory vs. double tap: We explain why double tap or single shots are a bad habit and how we develop into the training where you can avoid this bad habit.

  • Drawing and moving: We explain the importance of this, how to do it and have a simple step by step process to get you moving while drawing your pistol.

  • Shooting and moving: We explain the importance of this, how to do it and have a simple step by step process to get you moving and shooting

  • Shooting behind cover: We discuss why and explain how to do this correctly and efficiently, many times this is done wrong.

  • Reloads: How to do a reload quickly and focusing on economy of motion and ways to do this without taking your eyes off the target.

  • Malfunction drills:We show you what do to when your gun stops working and the fastest most efficient way to solve the problem and what you should be doing as your clearing your malfunction.

All of the topics above are just a sample of things that we throw in to the mix of this training.  We also do night shooting as most deadly force situations happen at night.


*We very often do these classes in a private setting either one on one or small groups, we can set up a class to train you on any of the items above and many many more.  Please contact us about private classes if you don’t see a date you like or if you wish to do this course at your location.  Additional fees may apply.


Advanced Handgun

What will you learn?



Advanced Handgun trains you to learn/improve:

Drawing from holster with speed and accuracy

Movement while drawing & shooting

Balance of Speed and Precision

Shooting and cover

Shooting & verbal commands

Malfunction drills


What do you need to bring?

Needed: 500 Rounds of ammo

Loaner pistols & mag pouches are available upon first come first serve basis.

If you need a loaner Pistol and all gear below.  The cost to rent all of the pistol gear & pistol you need is 40 dollars.*

*You will still need to buy 500 rounds of 9mm ammo. 

*We only have Right handed holsters & gear for Loan


Required Items:

Eye and Ear protection

Your defensive Pistol

3 Magazines for your pistol

400 rounds of ammo


2 Magazine pouches

Quality belt that will work well with your holster. 

Closed toe shoes


Optional items:


Snacks, Drinks

Baseball hat