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Gun shop employee shoots himself and another employee all with one shot.  Gun store employee shoots himself threw hand and another employee in abdomen all in one shot.  

Often times I cringe when I go into gun stores including big box retail stores like bass pro shop, cabelas, academy after seeing employees not obeying simple fiearm rules.  As a firearms trainer I have in more than one case grabbed a gun a barrel at the last second just before they were about to point the gun at me.  This now comes as a reaction I have trained into myself that happens without thinking due to training thousands students who have done the very same mistake.  Its not okay at a shooting range, gun store,classroom, your house or anywhere. 

The first and very simple to safe gun handeling is "Always point the firearm in a Safe Direction". The reason we say "always" is it doesnt matter whether it is loaded or unloaded.  More often than not we see gun store employees not following this very simple and basic rule casually pointing guns at themselves and others.  If you call the employee out on pointing the gun at you they reply "its not loaded" just as a student have also said after pointing the gun in an unsafe direction.  Safe direction just means a direction in which if the firearm went off no one would get hurt.  We say "always" because it doesnt matter if the gun is loaded or unloaded.  We as humans make mistakes and plenty of people get shot from what they thought were "unloaded guns".  Simple mistake could be avoided by not pointing it at yourself or others.   Pointing the gun in an unsafe direction should create an added psychological discomfort and the user should be aware of doing so.  If we allow ourselfs to point "unloaded guns" at each other then what happens is you become accustomed to not caring about where its pointed, then when it is loaded this creates even more danger.  But remember most people make mistakes with "unloaded guns" and end up shooting someone or themselves with a gun they thought was "unloaded".  Often times they blame others or guns for there failure to obey a simple rule.  In this case everyone blamed the customer for brining in the unloaded gun. I think the person holding the gun and who pulled the trigger was at fault "the employee" not just the customer.  Did the customer break a firearm safety rule?  Yes we should keep the gun unloaded (if were not using it) but had employees obeyed 2 simple firearm rules this wouldnt have happened either.  I can tell you customers are going to mess up and bring in unloaded guns, point them in the wrong direction but your instructor or gun store employee shouldnt be pointing the gun in an unsafe direction either.  At some point the employee broke yet another rule which is keep the finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. 

I dont want to single this one store out and rant about this single store as I said earlier this is a common thing I see at all gun stores, and it needs to stop.  In the future should you see someone anyone point a gun in an unsafe direction you need to call them out on it.  It doesnt matter if its your best friend, wife or a gunstore employee.  Just say "plese dont point the gun at me."  If they reply "its not loaded" you can easily reply "treat all guns as if they are loaded" or "always" point in safe direction.  We all need to be aware and more vocal when simple firearm safety rules are not followed. Firearms are a ton of fun and useful for protecting yourself but if you dont follow the rules bad things can happen.  




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