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The class was great!! There was a lot of information to take in. Some of the section were hard to understand just from reading it, but When Chris Stockton broke it down, then you were able to get it. He made it so easy to follow him in the class. If a person didn't understand after he explained it then that person does not need a CHL & stay far away from a gun. The keys to passing his class are: Do MORE listening then talking about what you may know, Remember key points that he will give you, & last, when you are at the range. Keep your gun pointed at the target at all times. Even when you are reloading. And finger OFF the trigger when your not firing.
Posted By: Sidney Johnsoniv
FedEx & Tactical Officer
THANK YOU for integrating a comprehensive 'intro to firearms' and CHL class for us. Not only did you share highly valueable information (that could potentially save my life), you delivered it in a fashion that I understood and will stay with me forever. I especially appreciated the step by step teaching process. I will definitely recommend your classes to shooters of every level. Looking forward to the next class, Andi
Posted By: Andi
Real Estate Broker Consultant, Safety First!
Chris Stockton provided an excellent introduction to handguns class for my daughter-in-law and teenage grand daughter.  There was a good safety class and he had them firing tight patterns in 22lr and 9mm, all in a three hour class.
Posted By: Watt S Prichard
Introduction to Handguns was a good investment.

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