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High class training with comprehensive coverage of the NRA course material delivered in a professional and easy going manner. All of the students learned a great deal and were given all the tools necessary to run their own courses. I would not hesitate to recommend Alamo Defense to family and friends. Indeed, I already have!
Posted By: Richard S
Being In the military and a former NJ Police Officer I found the class very informative. Things are a lot less strict here(Texas) whereas in NJ you are bound by excessive laws. The class was very well laid out and had much useful information, for a concealed carry holder.
Posted By: Bryant Albey
Military & Former NJ Police Officer
Chris held a very informative and fluid workshop on not only the "how's and why's" of the NRA, but also how to make it all work together. His approach to the teaching process not only set you up for success as an instructor, he also set your future students up for success by giving you the tools needed to provide top notch instruction. He covered alot of information over the 2-day course, but I am confident that my wife and I will be able to go far in this business with this course as our keystone
Posted By: Justin L.
Army Instructor
I would absolutely recommend this class and more specifically Chris to anyone! He is a fantastic instructor who makes any class he teaches interesting and fun. I know that I will be using him for all of the future NRA courses that I will be taking! He is also a fantastic resource for anything related to firearms and shooting. Thanks again Chris for the great experience!
Posted By: Jason Hans
NRA Instructor Development Training
Thank you for the job well done on teaching my wife. I am glad I had her learn from you on shooting and you had amazing patience with her. She is shooting great now!
Posted By: Justin
Army Ranger Instructor Ft Hood,TX, Private Training
Thanks for a class that kept my interest under adverse circumstances beyond your control. As an Instructor with many years experience, I tend to see the smallest flaws in other instructors' abilities. That is what led me to my current position within my company. I am a Senior Instructor responsible for certifying other instructors in the semiconductor industry. I can normally pick out at least 5 opportunities for improvement in a 20 minute presentation. Your teaching skills display experience beyond your years. If I turned this in on an instructor at Applied Materials after two days of observation, my management would expect at least a full page of suggestions. The fact that I can come up with only two for you speaks volumes. 1) You kept the topics interesting. You were animated, but not overly animated. 2) Your voice inflection kept me awake when I had no sleep the night before. 3) You continually asked questions to gauge the students' understanding. 4) Your smooth presentation shows that you were highly prepared both days.
Posted By: Tom M.
Senior Instructor Trainer/Evaluator for Applied Materials
I just attended the BIT and Pistol class conducted by Chris Stockton in Houston TX. Mr. Stockton did an excellent job and I was very impressed with his ability to instruct and knowledge of the topic. I would highly recommend this instructor and hope to be able to attend more of his classes.
Posted By: larry wilson
I have attended several firearms classes over the years from various sources. While Chris's class was very informative, I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and Chris's style of instruction made it easy to try new things and make mistakes on your own which, after correction, increased the overall learning experience. I highly recommend training at Alamo Defense and plan on attending more of Chris's classes in the future.
Posted By: Wade Horton
Investigator: Personal Protection Specialist
Chris Stockton's pistol instructor course was a unique experience. It was nothing like I imagined it might be. Chris made the two day course incredibly informative and fun. I thought there would be hours of lecture, but it was mostly experiencial role playing. This allowed me to feel like an instructor. The feedback from Chris after each excersize enabled me to see the areas that needed to be polished as a pistol instructor. I plan on taking other instructor courses from Chris, and would highly recomend his classes to others.
Posted By: Wayne Duddlesten, Jr.
Pistol Instructor Course
Chris you gave an outstanding class and I look forward to taking courses from you in the future. Your teaching style is straight forward and I have not received that from many instructors at all. If something is not the way it is supposed to be then you point it out and the students has an opportunity to adjust while learning from you.
Posted By: Jeff Reed
Texas CHL LTC Instructor, Former Marine
Chris did an outstanding job teaching the Basic Pistol Instructor course. After many years in the classroom, I have become aware of different problems with Instructors and Professors inability to teach and get the information out to their students. But Chris was great. He kept everything basic and general so that everyone in the class could follow along and understand. He also made the class fun. I am looking forward to taking more classes.
Posted By: Shawn Sutter
Former Marine- Now Active Duty U.S.A.F, Weapons Armament Specialist-F-16's, NRA Pistol Instructor Course Houston, Tx
Chris makes the all day course enjoyable and really easy to follow along with while not making it a long boring day in the class room with an hour on the range. I was truly impressed at the range when he puts safety as his number one concern. I would recommend this class to seasoned gun handlers and to newcomers alike. Keep up the great work Chris and look forward to taking another class with you in the future.
Posted By: Henry Hall
Ret. USAF and Defense Contractor
The course was well structured, informative and at times challenging. I have been involved in many corporate training events over the last 23 years and I can honestly say Chris Stockton is an outstanding trainer with extraordinary people skills. I would recommend Alamo Defense, Chris Stockton and this course to anyone interested in becoming an NRA Instructor.
Posted By: Grant Miller
Range Master Nardis Shooting Range, San Antonio, TX
Thank you I learned a lot. Alamo Defense was prepared and organized. Appreciate Chris's respect for gun laws and the handling of guns. Already passed out his card to a co-worker who will be signing up for Alamo Defense's class. I wish I had more cards to pass out. I look forward to taking more classes in the future.
Posted By: Katharine Ferguson
Having gone through another States Concealed weapons permit (CWP) course. I can tell you that this course was hands down the better of the two. Job well done to Chris Stockton & Alamo Defense. I look forward to more firearms training in the future. Thank you
Posted By: Theodore (TED) Nokes
US Navy Retired / Quality Control Manager, Twin Aviation, License To Carry Class
I really enjoyed this License to carry CHL class I attended in Feb. of 2011. Chris was very informative, professional and knows his information on Laws, handgun licensing and other weapon and safety features. He makes the class enjoyable with his humor and knowledge. He takes the session at the range very seriously to insure the safety of all!!
Posted By: Kim Watson
Chris taught an excellent class. His teaching form allows the marksman to grasp the concept of his training. I will use Alamo Defense again in the near future for further training!
Posted By: Anthony Mulheron
Owner AJM Tactical, Former Marine Marksmanship Instructor
I have taken 2 classes with Chris (CHL and Handgun). In both classes, safety is paramount. In my latest class, Chris took the time to explain every aspect of the handgun. At the range, he was patient and thorough. I highly recommend Chris as the instructor of choice if you are contemplating License to Carry CHL or any other class that he teaches. Being a teacher myself, as well as a retired military veteran, I can testify personally to his professionalism and vast storehouse of knowledge and handgun expertise.
Posted By: Keith Chesser
Teacher, Pistol Fundamental
I highly recommend this class, as the instructor (Chris) was highly knowledgeable and proficient with his training. I would also recommend doing the smaller class size/1on1 training, as you will have lots of questions that would be better served/addressed in a more focused setting. Chris was extremely professional, courteous, and answered every question I had effectively,without reservation. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended.
Posted By: Mike Tucker
Military, 1 on 1 training
Chris Stockton was a great instructor. He made the class fun and answered all of the questions with ease. He cleared up all of the grey areas.
Posted By: Margery Martin
USAF/Active Duty/Combat Arms Instructor, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX
I was extremely impressed with the Class and the Instructor, and the material covered in this class. I have already recommended it to several friends and Police Buddies. Chris is a great Instructor and gears the class to the individual(s) in the class. Chris well be the first place I go for all future instruction.
Posted By: Pete Trumper
Retired Houston Police officer, Houston, TX
I thought this was a very informative class. I have and will continue to recommend it to friends and co-workers. I plan to return to take additional courses at Alamo Defense.
Posted By: Jean
Registered Nurse
Chris was a fantastic instructor. He was dynamic and vibrant with the material presented and he kept the class on track for a successful completion. Very knowledgeable and extremely professional in dealings with students.
Posted By: Duane Davis
Technical Writer/Commercial Pilot, Pistol Instructor
Chris did a fantastic job. He's very thorough and very easy to listen to and learn from. He has a great knack for teaching people. I hope I do as well when I start teaching. I highly recommend this class!
Posted By: Bob Mayne
Salesperson, hotel security and access control, NRA Pistol Instructor Course
You can teach old dogs new tricks. Chris was an outstanding instructor! He made it so very easy to understand the best to teach people how to shoot . He taught me a whole new way to instruct people in the NRA way to handle , and shoot handguns properly . I highly recommend anyone that has an interest in teaching ,or increasing their own skills to take Chris's courses. I will definitely continue my education in other disciplines of instructing at Alamo Defense. Thanks Chris, Kevin Parker
Posted By: Kevin Parker
Former Law Enfrocement/Private Security, NRA Pistol Instructor Course

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