A lot of teachers are even afraid to talk about it because of repercussions that will come back upon them,” Chris Stockton with Alamo Defense says.

He’s a concealed handgun license instructor. Most CHL classes focus on hitting a fixed bulls eye, but Stockton’s developed a special course that gives teachers the tools to fight a moving target.

"I definitely believe having strategically-placed teachers who are highly trained would help,” Mary says.

Mary is highly trained, but by state law her district was able to decide she cannot carry her skills or her gun into the classroom.

"A lot of them are extremely frustrated that they can get trained and carry them every single place except for their workplace at school,” Stockton says about his CHL students who are teachers.

Mary says not just anyone should be able to carry a gun on campus – only a select few staff members who have conceal-carry licenses and pass rigorous screening.

"Some crisis training, above and beyond what we go through at school. Hostage training,” Mary says. “I also think at some point they should have a psych evaluation or something to make sure they're the most level-headed before they are able to carry a gun on campus."

And she says the names of those people should be kept a closely-guarded secret.

"I don't think, besides the parents themselves, you'll find anybody more protective than their teachers,” Mary says.

So call her a teacher, call her a protector. Mary calls herself prepared.

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The Texas Legislature is set to hear two proposed bills that would change the rules for concealed handgun licensing.

State Representative Dan Flynn has written the bills which would shorten the required firearms safety course from ten hours to four hours and eliminate the four-hour refresher course currently required to renew a CHL.

CHL holders would be able to renew their license online.

"The ten-hour course is more than what's needed for the guidelines set forth," said Alamo Defense owner Chris Stockton.

Stockton has helped thousands of Texans get their concealed handgun licenses.

A four-hour course would still be longer than CHL requirements in many other states.

In Virginia, people fill out an application online and do not even have to take a safety training course to get a CHL.

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